At Aone Solutions we provide French language classes with all four modules of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking . Classes are available for all ages of people which includes students as well as working professionals.

Basic to Advance level courses are offered and taught by highly experienced faculty.

Preparation for all DELF Examinations for different levels like introductory, elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate and Advance stage is done through rigorous assignment practice and Rise preparation methodology.

Learning is important to succeed in life. People send their children to school to learn so that they are able to excel in life and make their careers so as to lead a happy and successful life. As we all live in a world which is divided in so many different continents and each continent is further divided into so many countries and people living in different countries speak different languages. Although, English language is spoken by almost every person and it is considered as the global lingua franca but there are different languages out there like French, German, Spanish, and Irish etc that if, parents would enroll their kids in these different classes that provide training about different languages. However French language is such a subject which the parents should focus on.


  • French is not just a language spoken in France. More than 200 million people worldwide speak French all around the world.
  • French has been adopted as an official language by different countries of the world. By taking French classes, you will be able to speak, which is known as the second language of the world.

  • France is a great place to study and to live. Learning French language will help the students to bond well with the people there.
  • Career opportunities are sky high as about 350 French companies have invested in India like Michelin, Renault etc. French tuitions will help you to get in depth knowledge of the language and that could lead to great career opportunities.

  • Not just for studies but people also visit France as tourists to see some iconic destinations. If only you happen to know French, you will be able to enjoy more in France because you will be able to go well along with the locals and could get some good advice from them to enjoy France.

    Want to know more about French Heritage? Well, you could read their books and watch French cinemas in the way they are supposed to be and not the translated version. It would also be interested to point out that French cinema is the third largest in the world right behind India.